Well, the inevitable happened. A voice from the back of the Armstrong said..."Can you take us to Glencoe tomorrow?"

The answer I realised was, sadly...no.  The Star has been around, stoically surviving against the odds for 60 years, it's really too much to expect the old girl to do 240 miles in a day.
So, with that in mind, we've acquired a Jaguar. An obviously more modern, but still classic choice. Powerful and comfortable, air conditioned and elegant.   She's off to the isle of Islay at the start of October with three Danish Gentlemen on a Whisky tour. ...could it be you??
Harmony Gardens Melrose, Scottish Borders.
May 2019

We had the pleasure of Louisa and Morten visiting from Norway. Louisa used to live here but Morten had only been to Scotland once, a long time ago. AJ enjoyed the opportunity to show Morten the Old and New Towns, with a wee stop on the Mound, overlooking the New Town for a whisky. We like to carry two whiskies for those that 'tak a dram'...generally a lighter, easy going, highly  'quaffable' malt like the local Glenkinchie ( Only an hour from Edinburgh, we can take you there too!) A lovely, light, grassy, honey like malt. Louisa had a Glenkinchie.
Morten however had stiffer tastes an elected to go for a classic Bruichladdich, a more meaty Islay malt. Can you taste the sea air?...I think you can...that and cinnamon and funnily enough...honey again. 
It also transpired that Morten wanted to buy what he called a tweed 'paperboy cap' ...so off we trotted to Walker Slater in Victoria Street ( Yup, the one that features in Harry Potter!)  
Morten was very happy with his cap!
 ( I got married in a Walker Slater Border Tweed suit...very nice it is too )​​​​​​​
On the subject of Islay malts. In my other life I work in film and TV. I had the wonderful experience of spending three weeks working on a documentary about Whisky which will air on Netflix later in 2019. During the course of the shoot, we found ourselves interviewing the inimitable and extraordinary Charlie MacLean. Charlie needs no introduction to the true whisky fan, but if you've not heard of him...he's a writer, advocate and ambassador of all things malty. As we were setting up the lights, I overheard a conversation between Charlie and the Director, the latter explaining a circumstance of momentary alarm at home, which he calmed by reaching for a Bowmore...
"Bloody Hell" exclaimed Charlie..." you don't keep the Islay malts in the house do you? ... they're meant to be in the shed with the guns and the animals"  I'm still smiling.

June 2019

Had a busy third weekend in June just relaxing!!!  Edinburgh's West End had their second classic car show on the streets of the capital's New Town West end. The lovely Sunil Varu invited us along again. There was street jazz cheerfully and expertly delivered by the Tenement Jazz Band and an interesting and varied collection of 'old iron'. Our good friends at Edinburgh Classic wedding cars brought a couple of cars along , including their latest acquisition, an enourmous '60's Cadillac that frankly should have been charged mooring fees. lovely car mind, but I don't fancy parking it.  Inevitably Tina took a bunch of pics..here's some....
June 2019

Hot on the heels of the West End car show, we trundled down to Kelso in the Scottish borders to have a look ( but not participate...we're not American you understand!) In the first Rutherford's American Classic car show, in the square of that delightful Border town. A collection of heavy transatlantic iron paraded outside the organisers own micro pub, Rutherfords. The organisers, the delightful Debbie and Simon Rutherford showed off their own Dodge Monaco with it's lovely preserved patina.  Rutherfords micropub really is a treat, fine ales gravity fed from wee barrels called Pins and Firkins behind the bar and a selection of gins from Simon and Debbies own brand, Deliquescent.  
 At lunchtime, the fleet ( what is the collective noun for yanktanks?) of burbling V8 goodness trailed off to Floors Castle for a BBQ before returnng to the square in Kelso. Floors is quite something, part of the Roxburghe estates, it's the largest inhabited castle in the country.  we'd love to take you there in the Armstrong...and then on to Rutherfords micro pub for a locally sourced game pie and a pint of the landlords frothingest!!!! 
Kelso is a delightful Borders market town
Simon Rutherford...mine host
Kelso town square
Kelso Abbey, partially destroyed during the Protestant Reformation

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