"A fantastic day in the best of company, with a visit to Abbotsford House (Now we know all about Sir Walter Scott), then Traquair - with a guide and in an Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire from 1959. It doesn’t get any better - We love Scotland."
Henrik and Vibeke

Picture:  Traquair  House

What a memorable day out! We felt like we were on a honeymoon. The Armstrong car is beautiful and stylish, while at the same time a very smooth ride. Guy’s knowledge of history is fantastic. He knows so many interesting details and stories which made the drive a very rich and special experience. Guy has a way with words and humour that kept us riveted and entertained for the whole journey. It was the best day of our holiday in Scotland for both of us.
Louisa and Morten

.".so nice to do something truly different, what a treat. Guy is a great communicator and seems always to adjust the story to fit the needs of his passengers, not working off a tired old script here! Guy’s background in film and television adds sparkle to the stories...who else would have a driver who’s filmed the return of Bloody Mckenzie’s head to his grave in Greyfriars graveyard? …    "               

S. Friedman. 

Picture: George Street, Edinburgh

"..you were both a great hit as was the car. Heap of thanks for the effort."

Polly Gordon

Pictures:  Stopping for a dram

"We spent a long weekend in Scotland doing a recce for our wedding at Neidpath Castle in the Scottish Borders, where Cameron’s family are from. We stayed in Edinburgh, but rather than get a hire car we hired Guy to take us down to the venue , what a delight that turned into . We had a brilliant day, we did a minitour of Edinburgh’s Old Town before heading down to the Borders. An action packed day in a fabulous old car, so beautiful.  I wish we hadn’t booked the cottage at Neidpath to stay in before the wedding, then we could have asked Guy to take us to the Castle on our wedding day in that lovely car."

Claire and Cameron

Picture:  Neidpath Castle

"We are having such a lovely time in Edinburgh at a nice speed and good stories"

Agatha and Bruno

"Nancy and I just want to thank you again for the fabulous experience you gave us, driving us from the airport to our hotel at Charlotte Square!  At first the thrill was the car:  who wouldn't be knocked out being chauffeured in a '50's Armstrong Siddeley in amazing condition.  After that it was the route you picked, so that we had the thrill of sneaking up on the castle before stopping on the Mound for photos and a nip, and then seeing the City at out feet.  Finally, I must say that it was your commentary, your personality, and your concern for us, that made this so special.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We will tell our friends not to even consider a visit without including you!"
 Richard and Nancy Dana, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Picture:  Edinburgh New Town

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