Classic car tours of Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

If all you really need is chauffeuring in style , we can certainly deliver that, but our aim is to provide a more personal, friendly and bespoke journey, that you will remember for years to come. We do not use substitute drivers or stand ins.  Our aim is to deliver something a little better than what else is on offer, drive you around in classic style, take you to the places you want to see and, possibly even more importantly,  the the places you want to eat!
Armstrong’s Journeys offers you the chance to enjoy your trip to Scotland with a little more style than perhaps might otherwise be the case.  From an airport pick up with a difference, to a leisurely drive about the city itself, or a more bespoke day out, to the many attraction that lie in easy reach of the city but which you might miss otherwise. Tours of Edinburgh’s Old Town and New Town,  or maybe down to Leith, an informed drive out to Rosslyn Chapel, approaching the famous structure from a more appealing angle than one would achieve by simply following a map or taking a taxi, to a day out in the wonderful Scottish Borders, if you think any of this might be for you, please, get in touch.
A favourite is an airport pick up with a difference, for £200 we’ll pick you up from your flight, and deliver you to your hotel, but taking a leaf out the taxi drivers book of tricks, take you there by a circuitous route! Not in order to inflate the price, but to enhance your experience !  By winding our way through the Grassmarket ( Site of the Porteous riot of 1736 and the site of the city’s busy gallows, where many a miscreant was hung ) and along a few of Edinburgh’s Old Town streets, you’ll have a flavour of the city’s extraordinary history before descending into the New Town ( Of course, by ‘New’ we mean 18th Century...but why did it come about so suddenly?  ) and on to your hotel.  If the weather is clement, perhaps we’ll stop half way down Edinburgh’s Mound for a wee dram?​​​​​​​
Forth Rail Bridge in South Queensferry
The Shore bar, Leith
It goes without saying that you’ll want a trip around Edinburgh itself, or Embra as the locals call it. It used to be called Auld Reekie, meaning Old Smokey, the smoke from a thousand  chimneys in what was the most densely  populated city on earth combined with the stench of all that sewage! ...But that was before the glorious NewTown started to be built in the 1760’s, the NewTown actually had sewers! By 1820 Edinburgh was, and really still is a city of two halves, why not trundle about both halves in style and see the things the other guides don’t show you. Like the the only spot in town where the 16th century Flodden wall ( built in a panic to keep the English out after the disaster at Flodden Field )  meets the Telfer wall. Or, lets pop down to Leith , where the poorest people once survived on imported French wine and oysters from the Forth estuary. Strangely it’s the better off who now indulge in the same...see ‘Surprise about the food’ below.
Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens ( Why is it called Princess St?)
Edinburgh's glorious Georgian 'New Town'
Let's get out of town?
Sure you'd love to go to Speyside or the Isle of Islay for a tour of a whisky distillery, but you don't have enough time?  Fret not dear visitor, even at the leisurely pace of a Star Sapphire, we can be at Glenkinchie, Scotland's most southerly distillery in forty minutes, hidden out in East Lothian's rolling farmlands, Glenkinchie is also only a few miles from the site of the Battle of Prestonpans, where (a some say lucky) Bonnie Prince Charlie defeated General Cope's army of dragoons at the start of the Jacobite rebellion.  Or perhaps a trip to the oft forgotten Scottish Borders, to Walter Scott’s home, Abbotsford House, or Traquair, the oldest inhabited house in Scotland, where the Bear gates have remained closed since 1745, awaiting the return of a Stuart King!​​​​​​​
Traquiar House, the oldest inhabited house in Scotland
Glenkinchie distillery, just outside Edinburgh
The surprise about the food.
We know what you're thinking...the foods going to be horrible..all deep fried Mars bars and yuk! Couldn't be farther from the truth. Edinburgh is littered with restaurants of the very best quality. Beside having four Michelin starred restaurants, Edinburgh offers it all, from a contemporary fine dining take on traditional Scottish fayre at Angels with Bagpipes ( But I'll need to take you to Rosslyn Chapel to get the story behind the name!) to the best mussels I've ever had at Fishers on the Shore. Superb Curry houses and a lot of excellent Middle Eastern and French. But, I'm not here to just take you to expensive restaurants...d'you know about Chez jules? A French basement bistro in the New Town, they do an excellent three course menu for ten pounds! Proper French waitresses and everything!
Fishers on the Shore
One of Edinburgh's five Michelin starred restaurants, in the lee of the Castle
Rosslyn Chapel
What can one say about Rosslyn Chapel?  Of course The fictional DaVinci Code made it internationally famous, but it’s the unanswered questions this building and the valley beneath it pose that exceed superlatives.  With the ruin of Rosslyn Castle nearby ( which incidentally incorporates a lovely self catering accommodation!  ) I wouldn’t even try to learn it all, just wander and absorb. Of course it’s best to have someone point out the myriad of unanswered questions that the chapel’s interior stonework presents, no need for the tour guide, I’ll show you what’s what! What is beneath the chapel? Lady Sinclair the current owner of the site says there’ll be no more excavations, no more probes...we’ll just have to ask ourselves what’s down there?, is it  the remains of the One True Cross, on which Christ was crucified secreted therein...or the Holy Grail...or the real Ark of the Covenant...or just , as Sir Walter Scott wrote, “There are twenty of Rosslyns barons bold, lie buried within that proud Chapel.
What is the 'Green Man' ?
Half an hour from Edinburgh
Arcane carvings in the crypt
Capture your journey?
If you want your trip captured My wife Tina is the very person to accompany us ,or simply meet en route to take the images you'll treasure, or a trip to remember 

Picture yourselves here!

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